9May2021-Sermon-No Greater Love-SLM


Pastor Sylvia's sermon for May 9, 2021, "No Greater Love". Scripture focus Acts 10:44–48 and John 15:9–17.  Snippet: " Courageous obedience to this commandment of love dares us to respond to God’s call to overcome all the “-isms” that keep us imprisoned, to tear down the walls of fear that keep us separated, and to embrace and love those who are different, for they are our sisters and brothers in Christ."

2May2021 -” Branching Out”


Pastor Sylvia's sermon for May 2, 2021 - "Branching Out".

Winding together Philip's encounter with the Ethiopian, John's letter of love, and Jesus lesson about the Vine and the Branches...

FYI - there may be a some video/sound sync issues - the original video's audio portion was corrupted and had to be restored from a back-up - so it may look a little "off". (Sorry about that!)

25April2021-Sermon - The Voice of the Shepherd


Rev. Dr. Mann's sermon from April 25, 2021 - "The Voice of the Shepherd".

18April2021-SERMON-Touch and See


For this 3rd Sunday of Easter, from Luke 24:36b-48, Pastor Sylvia brings us this week's sermon, "Touch and See (You are witnesses). “


This is where we start. Why? Well, If we don’t start here, if we don’t watch that piece of fish being eaten, if we don’t grab hold, we won’t see. And if we don’t see, then we are likely to turn our message into one of only the hereafter, the sweet by and by and not the here and now. We’re might even be liable to think that all the Resurrected one cares about is getting souls into some spiritualized heaven somewhere else, instead of feeding those who are hungry for breakfast right here in our own neighborhoods. We’re liable to think that injustice here doesn’t matter because it will all be sorted out one day instead of advocating for the oppressed and working for justice in our own communities.
That command - “Take hold of me and see” is about wanting to live in the world that he lived in and bring hope to our reality every day.
It is about living the realm, the kin-dom of God right here and right now."

11April2021- Sermon - Peace and Doubts


Rev. Dr. Mann's sermon for April 11, 2021, the 2nd Sunday of Easter. A look at that locked room,Thomas, Doubts, and Peace.

Easter Sermon - April 4, 2021


The Gospel reading and Easter Sunday Sermon from Dr. Mann.

(Your Mission, should you choose to accept it.....)

28March2021 - “Which are You?” Palm/Passion Sunday


Pastor Sylvia's sermon for Palm Sunday 2021 asks, "Which are You?"....

21March2021 - Sermon - Written on Our Hearts


Pastor Sylvia's sermon for March 21, 2021 - the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Considering Jeremiah and John.

14March 2021- Sermon - Not To Condemn


Pastor Sylvia's sermon for March 14, 2021 (4th Sunday of Lent). "Not to Condemn". A focus on John 3:17.

From the Tablets to the Temple


Pastor Sylvia's sermon from March 7, 2021 - "From the Tablets to the Temple"

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